Local Lister

Local Lister was built using an advanced multi-site configuration which included a complex multi-user interface. This project involved over a dozen different programmers and over 3,000 hours of custom programming for the initial framework. Local Lister was designed to be a broad network of classified ad websites where anyone, anywhere could sell or trade goods and services. A strongly needed alternative to Craigslist or Ebay at the time and still needed in many ways. What started out as a single website in Texas quickly turned into many more sites. Each site was localized and could be modified independently or together using a single database. Sadly, the projects funding shifted and it was shelved indefinitely in 2016. Below are some screenshots and more information about Local Lister.

Unlike conventional large scale online advertising, Local Lister is designed to use a local ad repository or ad pool system offering advertising to local businesses tailored to each location. In addition to that it offers free classified ads, account profiles, featured ads, watch list, user ratings, free pictures, scheduled ads, location services (google maps), customized categories, event calendars, business member services and more.

We’ve created an easy-to-use, one step process for posting an ad that is fast and simple. All ads include a unique page ID, views, likes, bumps, duration, location, contact options and other details about the ad. Users can track ads on their account page with up-to-date information about ads posted, as well as closed ads and ads that they are watching.

Individual user profile pages include an account name, description, profile picture and list of active listings. All user accounts can be linked to a website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Ebay, Google+ or other sites. With a simple click of a button, a user can like or share an individual post on virtually any social network. It’s all pretty awesome! Be sure to visit www.lister.us and check it our for yourself!

This project was archived in 2015
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