Bees in the Burbs


Bees in the Burbs is an urban bee farm and store located in Maple Valley, WA. They produce a variety of delicious honey products for sale at various Farmers Markets and in store. Recently they’ve expanded their store to be online as well. The site was initially built using Weebly, a simple “drag-and-drop” website builder. At the time, this platform did not offer any eCommerce options so we converted the site into WordPress and installed WooCommerce. Most of the work done on this project involved configuring WooCommerce to sell various types of honey products. It is a good example of what can easily be done to create a user managed eCommerce website simply using WordPress and WooCommerce, both free!

Bees in the Burbs BEFORE
Bees in the Burbs AFTER
This project was archived in 2014
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