Concept | Design

Creative projects require creative people. We offer brilliant ideas and talent when bringing a project to life. Designing a new website can be a lot harder than it looks. Our approach is to incorporate your work and vision into the design.  Together we create a clear connection between the concept > design > and programming. We strive to deliver 100% clean, professional, easy-to-use, beautiful websites 1 client at a time.  

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Custom built e-commerce solutions that work for you! We offer a wide variety of shopping carts to suit your business. We understand how much products and services can vary from business to business and customer to customer. There are many ways to improve your customer experience while creating e-commerce opportunities. We offer more than just a checkout page, we offer ideas and solutions that will improve your business both online and off.  

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WordPress is a free and open source CMS based on PHP and MySQL which runs on any basic web hosting service. Because it is open source, it is supported by thousands of developers who continue to improve on it.  We recognize this and focus our efforts on the latest, leading technology to create awesome, custom-built websites that you can manage yourself!  

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Choosing a Hosting Service Provider can be confusing. Most web developers offer hosting to their clients as intermediaries and simply increase the price. As an affiliate to many providers and over 10 years experience, we recommend and implement the best hosting in the industry at no additional expense. Ask us about a reliable and affordable hosting solution for your website.  

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We understand how difficult it can be to simply build a website apart from providing updates and maintenance. Still, who better to administer your business online than you? Our method is to collaborate with you by offering admin training together with affordable post-project services prioritizing any additional work that is needed. Please see our payment schedule for more information.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A website is only relevant if it can be found. The higher your site ranks when someone searches for it, the more likely it will be visited. SEO involves properly coding your website so that search engines like Google will find it easier and rank it higher. The code generated natively in WordPress is engineered to give you the best SEO possible. We add to this by further engineering the code and using powerful SEO plugin optimization.

Browser Compatible

All of the websites we build are programmed and tested to perform on any platform in any web browser.

Full Responsive

All of our websites are guaranteed to work on mobile devices, up-to-date, built to function on any screen size.